Polyester Synthetic Fibers

Polyester Filaments Yarn Sewing Thread Manufacturer

Comvarious is since 2012 quality assurance and adaptability in supplying and synthetic fibers.

Our mission has always been to be professional role in all efforts that have been entrusted to us as textile´s professional manufacturers,ensuring the client's interests to obtain the best conditions of service,quality and price.Based on knowledge and years of experience,we advise you the yarn and threads that are suitable for your need.

Synthetic Fibers Yarn Twist 

Twist Yarn 8 inch Cone 2.6KGS

Polyester Bag Closing Thread

High Quality with Silicone oil 180G-8KGS Customized

Over the past decade, XIAMEN COMVARIOUS has expanded its range of products and services to include textured filaments, dyed yarns and trading for synthetic fibers for a variety of end-markets and applications including apparel,curtains,home textiles,carpets,stuffing,webbing, upholstery..etc

Japan Import PVA Filament Yarn Water Soluble

31T/12F, 44T/12F, 55T/15F, 62T/15F, 88T/24F, 110T/25F, 220T/50F, 330T/100F, 660T/200F

Polyester Carpet Yarn and BCF yarn

Stock Dyed Polyester yarn

We have our own dyed house for stock dyed,the MOQ only 100 KGS,it for Webbing,flyknitting,Carpet ...

We also supply special polyester filaments yarn for Textile,Moreover,we can help customer to develop product to meet various needs.

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