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Polyester Functional Yarn

Polyester Functional Yarn

Count:20-1200 Den / Filaments: 24-288

Details:Linen-Like,Melange Yarn,Slub Yarn,Cotton Like,Wool-like,T400,Cationic+Semi Dull,Conductive Yarn,Anti-bacterial,Two Component Elastic,Low Temperature Cationic,Copper Ion Antibacterial,Zincion Antibacterial,Flame Retardant,Wicking,Low Melting Point Yarn


Applications:Warp Knitting Fabric,Weaving,Jersey,Stain,Mesh,Brushed,Tricot Knit Fabric,Raschel,Tricol,Upholstery,Automotive Fabric,Mattress,Curtain...

Polyester Recycle yarn with TC 

Cationic+Semi Dull150D/144F,100D,200D,300D
Conductive Yarn20D/1F,20D/3F,40D/3F,40D/6F,50D-150D
50D/72F DTY+FDY 20D/3F
75D/36F DTY+FDY 20D/3F
150D/66F DTY+20D/3F
Touch Screen Glove Yarn
Flame Retardant50D,75D,100D,150D,200D,250D,300D,450D,600D...
Copper ion antibacterial(3000 ppm&6000 ppm)50D/72F,75D/72F,100D/72F,100D/144F,150D/72F,150D/144F,300D/144F
Low Melting Point Yarn50D/24F,70D/48F,75D/24F,80D/48F,150D/48F

Comvarious Supply various and differentiated polyester yarns from regular yarns to high functional Major Products in order to create high values for customers. As the result of restless efforts to materialize customer needs and create differentiated product markets, Comvarious has developed high technology intensive yarn including cotton-replicating polyester yarn, cool touch yarn, odor-resistant yarn, heat generating yarn,latent crimped yarn and far-infrared yarn. 

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